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Tingfinder is Danish and roughly translates to "The Stuff Finder". It searches online thriftstores for products you're looking for, so you don't have to!

Searching online thriftstores has never been easier!

Tingfinder searches danish thriftstore platforms for a predefined list of products you're looking for, and only notifies you when you got new products.

  • Search DBA.dk, GulOgGratis and Lauritz.com
  • Only show new products within your price range
  • Results only show products near you
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Easy installation

The included install script ensures everything is placed correctly on your system, ready to search for you!

  • Always pulls the latest version
  • Installs all python dependencies
  • Is just as easy to uninstall

Automated Tasks

Tingfinder is made to be run automatically, for example through a cronjob or scheduled task.

  • Shows you clickable notifications
  • Saves detailed logs for easy readthrough
  • Easy to follow or guides on wiki on how to automate your specific system

Got a Question? - We’ve got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Tingfinder uses a python library called Selenium that can automate browser tasks for us. It opens a headless chrome browser, and we can tell it which elements to interact with. With our defined products, prices and location it opens op DBA.dk, GulGratis.dk and Lauritz.com and searches for relevant products.

How does tingfinder know what to search for?

Tingfinder creates a directory in your .config folder, that holds our config.py and search-agent.csv. In the config.py script we tell Tingfinder where to search, and in the search-agent.csv we tell what products to look for, and in what pricerange. Formatting in the CSV file should match the prefilled product, like so; "search term",min-price,max-price and one product per line. Quotation marks on the search terms is required and min/max-price is set in DKK.

How do I install tingfinder?

Installing tingfinder is super easy! Just clone the repo from the github page, change permission on the installer, and run it. A copy/paste ready command is available at the Github readme.

Windows has a seperate standalone release with an executable .exe file.

How do I set my geographical settings?

You can easily change your settings in the config.py script located in ~/.config/tingfinder/config.py

Open the file in any old text editor, and put in your Danish postal code, and how far you're willing to travel go get the product.

Hit save and start searching.